We are Hiring


The culture of Inspire Innovation is all about innovation and social entrepreneurism. We attract a team of high performing, results-oriented marketers, process engineers, data analysts, fulfillment specialists, designers, and developers who enjoy working on new projects every quarter and new products every year.

Inspire Innovation is headquartered in San Diego, CA, but is home to a virtual enterprise and global team. We have a fast-paced, environment which pivots almost quarterly as we respond the results of our real-time market research.

All that being said, it is important to point out that in order to achieve true balance of team energy, there is a role on the team for fulfillment. This role, by design, has a slower tempo in order to fulfill and serve our clients & community. These fulfillment roles will be sheltered by much of the constant change of the R&D team. The pace and timing on the fulfillment team will be set by those accountable for and who know best how to serve. Don’t expect monotony, but know that we appreciate that in order to build trust with our community there is a need for consistency and a slower tempo energy on the team.

Our tribe is lean and so require the absolute best performer in each role. We profile incoming teammates so we can achieve a balance of energies on the team. We value and encourage each person to discover their genius and collaborate with leadership to work in roles which honor those natural gifts & talents, and result in personal and team flow.

We have a habit of launching entrepreneurs that began as “staff”. We claim no ownership of one’s future, instead we help you manifest your professional vision into reality, while you simultaneously add value to our team, inventions & mission. Of course we would love everyone to be fulfilled completely on our team, but we understand that certain collaborations are not built for a lifetime, but for a season.

We are reinventing the enterprise and rebuilding the team as a FinTech Innovation company. Everyone on the team must be extremely tech savvy and comfortable in a 100% virtual environment. For the 2016-2017 team, after a defined trial period, we do seek individuals willing to make an informal 3 year commitment. Exceptions would be for part-time, project consultants who are hired on a short-term project basis. Though our consulting relationships tend to last 10+ years, we only ask for a time commitment as defined by the project itself.

Personal and professional growth are highly valued and encouraged in and out of the enterprise. This means, there are opportunities to grow your skills in areas where you lack the experience, but that are aligned with your genius. Our leadership positions require a combination of demonstrated expertise, experience & genius. However, in select supporting roles, we will nurture our unskilled geniuses. 


The ideal candidate is proactive in their communication, an individual who takes ownership and accountability for all task assigned to them, big and small, understanding that the little things add up to big things in every organization.

Given the small leadership team, each person must perform in their role. Excellence is the minimum standard. Some may have been criticized and labeled as being a “perfectionist”. On our team, excellence comes from having pride in delivering complete work they can be proud of and is a reflection of their best work, and is not the same as perfection. The right candidate is a master in generating a high return on investment of time, energy and money resources for themselves and the enterprise.

No matter how much expertise we all have, we can always grow. We want those committed to lifelong growth as an individual and a professional, who loves their role, is hungry for challenge, and who is not trying to fill time or make money until something better comes along. Every one that works with the leadership team are mentored and are on a vertical learning curve gaining marketable skills to utilize forever! This is worth 10x any pay we could offer.

And possibly the most important…our ideal candidate has Business Common Sense. This, unfortunately, is untrainable. You either have it or you don’t.


If any of this resonates with you, I encourage you to apply and move to the next step in learning more about the roles we are currently hiring for: